Invitation to Supper

- August 28, 2012

"Dedicated to Little Blackie A beautiful spayed feral cat"

I invited her in for supper

I knew she was hungry.

she wanted to move in,

I already tried that.

It simply did not work out.


I need my privacy

she can be a whirlwind

with few boundaries

wild by nature,

she will eat everything in sight.

I resent her.

I do not choose to afford her.

I asked her to leave.

She would not go.


One might conjecture

that she thrived and laughed

at my fury

however contained

it might be

my vibration

strong as a thunderstorm

satisfied her.

Finally she left and I slammed the door

behind her

though her hunger

still haunts me.


my heart yearns to reach out -

I need my privacy

and this sanctuary

to grow inner peace.


Dedicated to Little Blackie

A beautiful spayed feral cat.

She will always be fed.

She has safe shelter.

No animals were hurt in this event.

Extra food and water was left outside for the cat.


Poem by Mary MacIntyre | 8/26/12