Is Your Brand Unique, Compelling and Believable

James Glover - August 11, 2014


Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day MarketingTM. Today we are looking at a small business in Victoria, Canada that understands the vital elements of a strong brand.

I often talk about how important it is to ensure your brand is unique, compelling and believable. On a recent trip to Canada I discovered Baggins, a retail store that specializes in Converse shoes.

What is unique about Baggins (besides being named after author JRR Tolkien's popular hobbit Bilbo Baggins) is that the store offers the world's largest selection of Converse footwear. This is quite a distinction given how many outlets retail Converse.

As to compelling, when you walk into the shop every design, color, and size of Converse is on display. It's a fun visual feast for customers to explore the vast selection. Further, Baggins prints customized shoes with any personal design or image on the sides.

As to believable, the owner has been selling Converse shoes for 45 years. That's about as credible as a brand can gets.

As you think about your brand, ask yourself what you can do to ensure your offering is unique, compelling and believable. Every little improvement here will go a long way to enhance the stature of your brand.

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