I’v driving a 2013 Camry SE today from Beaver Toyota Scion

Wow!  You know yesterday I was driving a 2013 Camry XLE from Beaver Toyota Scion and that was fantastic but today I got in touch with my inner guy and am driving a 2013 Camry SE.  The difference is that the SE is the sports edition and really handles the road with tons of style.  It even has paddles on the steering column so that it can drive like a manual transmission.  Complete control of the road with this baby.  It has all the safety features you come to expect with Toyota's high standards and unpeccible quality.  I am having a really tough time deciding which Toyota I am going to buy but with this promotion I am going to have to decide.  I'm driving 100 Toyotas in 100 hundred days with the fine folks at Beaver Toyota Scion in Santa Fe on St. Michael's Drive.  Go test drive this Camry SE today and tell them Honey sent you!