Jaime Michaels: Santa Fe Creative who enriches our community

Santafe.com - July 13, 2011

"It’s been a good year for Santa Fe singer songwriter folk musician Jaime Michaels. He will be performing on The Santa Fe Summer Bandstand tomorrow July 14."

It’s been a good year for Santa Fe singer songwriter folk musician Jaime Michaels.

His newest collection of original songs, the man with the time machine, won 2011 Album of the Year from the New Mexico Music Awards. He just returned from Seldovia, Alaska where he headlined the annual Seldovia Summer Solstice Festival.

Michaels is one of the hundreds of Santa Fe Creatives who enrich our community artistically, culturally, and economically. He and his wife moved to Santa Fe in 1997. After extensive touring he was ready to focus on his songwriting. It’s been a productive time in Santa Fe for Michaels – eight albums written and recorded and more on the way.

Michaels explained his creation process. He writes songs at his home studio usually working out the melodies and themes on his guitar, sometimes collaborating with other musicians long distance using the internet to send pieces of songs and lyrics back and forth, and recording his music here with local, national and international musicians. Local musical entrepreneur Jono Manson produced Michael’s newest album at Kitchen Sink Studio and won Producer of the Year for his work from the New Mexico Music Awards.

Most of Michael’s income flows into Santa Fe from his performance tours around the country and sales of his recorded music. He continues to make professional connections through his travels. His advice to young musicians is, “You always play your show. No matter how many people are in the audience, everybody gets the full show.” He explained that one of the people in even the smallest audience late at night could be the link to your next show and the next boost in your career.
He also stresses the importance of patience in the music business. He recently attended the International Folk Alliance where he made the connection to the organizers of Seldovia Festival and to a very prestigious house concert series in Los Angeles that he has wanted to play for a number of years.

Michaels is a member of Santa Fe’s creative workforce that is responsible for attracting the nearly 40% of all new money that flows into Santa Fe each year from outside the county.

Jaime Michaels only plays in Santa Fe a couple of times a year so Santa Feans are in for a real treat when Michaels performs Thursday evening, July 14, at the Community Stage on Santa Fe Plaza. He will open the free evening performance at 6:00 P.M. followed by Eliza Gilkyson, an Austin, Texas based folk musician at 7:00 P.M.

Santa Fe Bandstand is funded by the City of Santa Fe enlivening downtown in the summer. Hundreds of people populate the plaza to enjoy the music from nearby restaurant balconies, and dance, dance, dance.

The City’s investment is leveraged into additional contributions by many non-profit organizations and community businesses that support the Bandstand program and pay the musicians.

It’s a smart investment for our community. Five dollars in tax revenue is returned for every $1 the City invests in arts, culture and creative industries according to an economic study completed by the UNM Bureau of Business Economic Research.

Check out the santafe.com calendar for the complete schedule of summer music.

Photo by Kerry Sherk.