‘Kevin’: A Film Review

- September 24, 2012

"...a touching story about an artist re- finding his inspiration"

This blog is written on behalf of the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and will serve as an honest, unbiased review of a few films that will be screening this year. Hopefully, these reviews will inspire conversation and discussion amongst other viewers and encourage the overall appreciation and dissection of this art we call film.

"Kevin" delves into the inner psyche of an artist losing his inspiration and his journey to find it once again. The director, Jay Duplass, and his brother Mark take their love of this musician and use it to fuel this documentary about the struggles of an artist and finding it within you to create again.

Kevin Gant was a musician in Austin, Texas in the early '90s. He had a unique style and tone that the Duplass brothers loved. Influenced by the flamenco guitarists of Spain since he was a kid, His incredible work on the guitar made his songs powerful and engrossing. But after a traumatic experience involving a gang that his cousin was apart of in Los Angeles, Gant stopped playing music and disappeared. 

"Kevin" picks up when Jay Duplass finds him and begins making a documentary about his life as a musician. He has gotten a job with UPS and hasn’t played publicly or written anything in 10 years. Duplass invites him to go to a film festival in Spain, in an area where the flamenco style of music was born. It is here that Gant the musician is re-awakened and he finds it within himself to compose a song after so many years.

This documentary tells two different love stories.Gant's journey to find his inner musician is the one in front of the camera. The other one is subtler and takes place behind the camera. Jay Duplass gives the musician the opportunity to go to the place that he has been inspired by while also telling this touching story about an artist re- finding his inspiration.

Gant will be giving two performances during the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival on Wednesday October 17 and Sunday October 20. Tickets can be purchased at www.ticketssantafe.org.

Selah Kahrmann is a sophomore at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design in the Moving Image Arts department. She is focused on screenwriting and has always had a passion for writing, which she hopes to have a career in after graduatation.