KNACK, a new online art magazine

- September 10, 2012

“There’s a KNACK to seeing art online…”

Actually, KNACK is the name of a new art venue, which will only be an online publication. Founded by photographers Andrea Vaca and Will Smith, KNACK is still quite in the formative stage, though its inception was a year ago and they began production several months after that. But these two emerging artists have very clear ambitions: “to produce and release KNACK each month and with it, introduce emerging artists from the States and abroad, whose practices are within the disciplines of photography, graphic design, creative writing and studio art.”

Smith and Vaca have just sent out their “test“ issue in PDF format through an email. If you want to see this or future issues, I suggest you contact them at or contact them through their FaceBook page –

Founders, Smith and Vaca, along with graphic designer Jonathon Duarte (Creative Director) and writer Ariana Lombardi (Executive Editor) have put this test issue together. Together, they want their magazine to be “a community for new artists, a place to share work, be inspired and experience the art that is being produced by peers near and far.”

They need your help to spread the word about KNACK, as they are hoping to get the word out nationally, especially within art communities and art schools. And, once the magazine has covered domestic ground, they plan to expand overseas.

I recently attended a talk by an artist, well-represented in galleries, who was speaking about how to get someone to look at your work. Well, these folks actually want to see your work and encourage you to contact them. They consider you to be a part of their community and hope to be a part of yours. KNACK also hopes to spread the word virally, by encouraging you to share their e-mail with as many people as possible.

It is clear that these artists want to bring the larger art community into this dialogue. So, if you have comments/suggestions or are interested in joining the staff please email them at If you’re interested in being a contributor, they are also looking to build a pool for monthly articles of any kind.