Lamy BBQ

- July 7, 2011

"Today it was just Devon and myself who did a simple out-and-back ride, ending up right where we started, in Lamy"

If you’ll look back to my posting of June 8th ("Legal Tender" at, you’ll see the venue for today’s cookout/barbecue at the old train station. 

Let the 4th of July festivities begin early. It seems as though everyone, everywhere is grilling or barbecuing, and you can smell it no matter where you go in this area. 
Today it was just Devon and myself who did a simple out-and-back ride, ending up right where we started, in Lamy, and just in time for the start of the Lamy BBQ pre 4th of July celebration.
There were two different bands who played while we were there. The first band encouraged sing-along and dance-along, and I was glad to oblige. As I’ve mentioned in previous postings; I hesitate to define what I do as “dancing”. It’s more like moving to the beat, keeping time with my body. Nothing very formal going on there, but it’s great for comic relief and I have a ball doing it. The sing-alongs were hilarious---some old Beatle Songs----”Well she was just 17, you know what I mean, and the way she looked was way beyond compare.” Since there was a lot of ambient noise, I felt ok about singing along because I knew no one would tell me to go away----simply because they were unable to hear me---although I really did get into those Beatles’ high notes: Woooooo. Yeah!
The beer was provided by our local brewery, Santa Fe Brewing, and it was delicious. It really hit the spot after a long ride. And I’ve finally figured out that I’m OK with alcoholic stuff as long as I stretch it out over an hour or so. Anything less than that, and I’ll be soundly asleep somewhere, probably slumped onto a table. Not a great capacity here for alcohol---but epic for chocolate. 
The party was well-attended, and, as usual, lots of Harley riders showed up and you’ll see their photos below. There was a nice showing of old cars, which is due to continue onto the Santa Fe Plaza tomorrow morning during the Pancake Breakfast. I find these old cars just fascinating. I love the history which they represent, I love the line and design and the use of lots of chrome. And their owners are only too happy to tell you the history of their vehicles which is always fascinating.
It was another great day, followed by great food, loud music and lots of happy people.
Is this heaven?
Happy Trails to you from Santa Fe, New Mexico.
NOTE: If you'd like to see photos of the event, please scoot on over to