Last Week, the Poets Spoke

- July 26, 2011

"Sometimes slowing down creates fertile space for inspiration"

Last Sunday several local poets and story tellers spoke their word. Check the events on to all the special activities that you might attend. Also make time to go to Santa Fe Bandstand and enjoy the wonderful performances. Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival also is happening now.

 Last Sunday, I chose to stay at home and rest. I decided to be the poet.  Tired beat out poetry. Yet the garden shared joy and peace. The futon couch/bed given to me that day re-energized my studio. The kittens danced and jumped with joy to have me at home.  Little exercises filled the void and voice within. Sometimes slowing down creates fertile space for inspiration.  PS: recent rains allow the garden to grow.  Rain supercharges creativity too.


Not Enough?



longing for comfort

easing into peace

calm.  relaxation.


when the world haunts

your inner chatter

pulling you away


distracting serenity

demanding attention

in these realms


the urge to quench

the thirst for more

the thirst for more.


disappears behind

a dark curtain

shallow breaths


invite random habits

to take center stage.

the promise of the cookies


the delightful rebellion of chips

the longing for NY cheesecake

tempt the heart to let go and feast


full with emptiness

all intentions scattered.

Poem by Mary MacIntyre