Launching a Hallmark Marketing Campaign

- March 21, 2012

Action Wednesday/Promotion

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Today’s topic is Hallmark Campaigns.

What is a Hallmark campaign? Think about a Hallmark store. They have cards that are constantly changing related to dates and activities on the calendar like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, or
Secretary’s Day. People and communities celebrate centered on those dates, why not take advantage of that from a marketing perspective?

Look at St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago, it’s embraced it by turning the river green. For Super Bowl, Best Buy promotes flat screen TVs and on Valentine’s Day a restaurant will create an intimate dinner centered on the Valentine’s theme. Begin considering how you can create marketing promotions for your business related to events on the calendar.

You can embrace the idea of a Hallmark marketing campaign by determining which “holiday” is a good fit for your customers and design a campaign around that theme. Engage your customers in the
experience and obtain feedback / reactions to make changes in the next promotion.

You will create anticipation on the part of your customers for you next Hallmark marketing moment. If they embrace it, you will be able to repeat it every year just like Hallmark does with cards.

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