LIVE PHISH from the Archives

- September 24, 2012

Experience the 12/6/97 show again, or for the first time...

From the company:

PHISH: 12/6/97 The Palace Of Auburn Hills –

This latest archival offering picks up where 11/17/97 Denver (Live Phish 11), 12/7/97 Dayton and Hampton/Winston-Salem ’97, leave off in fall of 1997 – a perennial fan-favorite tour for its wide open jamming, experimentation with new instruments/techniques and funky treatment of Phish classics and covers alike.


Phish’s third show at The Palace on December 6, 1997 was yet another defining fall ’97 gig, with an under-recognized set I and a renowned set II that must be heard in one sitting, preferably loud with headphones. Set I highlights include an intense Run Like An Antelope, alien landscapes of Train Song and seamless pairings of Bathtub Gin > Foam and Fee > Maze. Set II was a unified, non-stop affair: Tweezer > Izabella > Twist > Piper > Sleeping Monkey > Tweezer Reprise is just the sort of raging, psychedelic-funk that Phish dreams are made of. As they rounded the bend into the final week of this storied fall tour, the band had a confident swagger that exploded in The Palace with a flood of combined energy that flows through on the tapes. To call this set triumphantly climactic perhaps still understates its impact. The Palace is deep in the suburbs but this Saturday night show in the home of The Pistons was a slam-dunk that reverberated throughout Detroit Rock City and beyond.


The release was created from Paul Languedoc’s DAT stereo soundboard mix, re-mastered by Fred Kevorkian and contains 16 songs, totaling 2 and a half hours of music. The 2-CD LivePhish Limited set is available on CD, exclusively at Phish Dry Goods, and also for download exclusively at, and is slated for release on JEMP Records September 24, 2012.

Phish: The Palace of Auburn Hills Tracklisting:


12/6/97 – Auburn Hills, MI

Disc One

Set I:

1. Golgi Apparatus (5:35)

2. Run Like Antelope (16:30)

3. Train Song> (2:44)

4. Bathtub Gin> (12:36)

5. Foam (10:24)

6. Sample In a Jar (5:04)

7. Fee> (5:36)

8. Maze (15:10)

9. Cavern (4:50)


Disc Two

Set II:

1. Tweezer> (22:25)

2. Izabella> (9:27)

3. Twist> (7:44)

4. Piper> (14:12)

5. Sleeping Monkey> (6:05)

6. Tweezer Reprise (4:33)


7. Rocky Top (2:53)