Marketing and Branding with Hashtags

James Glover - September 20, 2013

Digital Friday/Promotion

Once a Day Marketing™ featured video blog: Using Twitter Hashtags

Today is Digital Friday at Once a Day Marketing™ and we are discussing marketing and branding using Hashtags.

Hashtags are created by adding the pound sign (#) in front of a word or name.  It is used to search words, letters, phrases or even other symbols related to a specific topic.  The use of Hashtags became popular on twitter and their use has since been extended to numerous other social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and tumblr to name a few.

The hashtag groups items by theme so people can search for particular interests.  For example, search #MLB for items related to Major League Baseball or #HomeDepot for items talking about the store.

Great reasons to use hashtags include easily allowing customers to find your company, brand or latest offers.  Hashtags continue bring together conversations using your tag(s) for as long as there is interest, without any intervention or additional work by your company.  Hashtag are easy to create and simple to attach to messages you are already sending via social media.

As with all messages sent via social media there is an opportunity for people to share negative feelings and experiences about your brand or product.  Ensure your marketing action plan address your business’ response to this kind of publicity.

Hashtag Tips

-        Create something unique but not so unusual that no one will find or remember it

-        Share a relevant and compelling message that will resonate with your customers

-        Chose your social media channels carefully, # may generate more interest on one site over another

-        Don’t align with people or events that will draw negative publicity

-        Use caution when sharing messages received from the marketplace in your own space

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