Marketing Ecosystem: Place-based Destination

- October 2, 2012

Strategic Tuesday/Promotion

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy for Once a Day Marketing™.  It’s Strategic Tuesday and we’re continuing our series on the marketing ecosystem.  Today we are addressing place-based destinations.

In one of the earlier parts of the series we talked about out-of-home which is creating a marketing presence when consumers are in transit (in their cars, walking, etc.).  In place-based your focus is customers going to a specific destination.

Consider the places where people go on a regular basis.  They go to work, school, stores and recreational activities.  Your goal is to determine a place to advertise your message so that potential customers will see it when they are at that place-based destination.

Let’s take a look at the four components of place-based destinations.  First you have work which includes places like offices, manufacturing sites, etc.  You can select such a location to focus a message to people at work.

Next is education.  At colleges or even high schools there are places like the student union to place a message.  Day care centers may be a good choice if your products included diapers and related items that young parents would be interested in.

In store; at the local grocery store customers see an advertisement inside the grocery cart.  When the cart is returned, there is a message in the cart return area that is advertising something else.

Lastly we have recreation destinations; there are numerous places like sports venues and health clubs where you are can align sporting equipment and clothing with the sports minded or health-conscious consumers.

Place-based is another tool in the portfolio of marketing channels you can use to promote your messages.  Place-based can be narrowly targeted.  For example, a movie theatre connected to a mall may put signage in the mall promoting the latest movie to drive traffic to the theatre.

Experiment with place-based marketing, it’s a nice option to add to your marketing mix.  You never know, you may find the perfect match between a place-based destination and your message.

That concludes Strategic Tuesday.  Join us tomorrow for Action Wednesday.  To discuss an online or face to face service engagement and enhance the marketing and branding for your organization, contact James Glover: (505) 501-1330 or  I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™ and we’ll see you next time.

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