Marketing Knowledge: Soak it Up

- January 18, 2012

Action Wednesday/Process

Hello everybody, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing, where business takes shape. And today is Action Wednesday and we are going to assist you to expand your knowledge about marketing. It’s imperative to have a good grasp of marketing knowledge; we talk about that on Mondays. But today I want you to take some action steps to build up that knowledge base more.

I want to start today by telling a little story. When I was in college way-back-when, I’m dating myself, they filmed the movie “Animal House” at the University of Oregon. Faber was the fictional founder of the “Animal House” college and there was a statue for the movie in our quad next to our library and it read: “Knowledge is good.” That was Faber’s famous quote. Knowledge is a little better than that and it’s important to have that knowledge base if you are going to effectively compete against your competition.

Today’s topic is called “Marketing Knowledge: Soak It Up.” I called our episode this because I want you to be a sponge. Although we bring you knowledge on Smart Mondays, I would like as an action item for you to make it a priority to continue going out and seeking marketing content. You’ll never know what you might find.

One, you’ll increase your knowledge base, that marketing IQ I keep talking about. You’ll also discover current best practices and if you are really paying attention you’re going to find what I call next practices where the market and marketing are going. Maybe you’ll discover a few nuggets that you can extract that you can use for your business that will set you apart from your competition.

There’s tons of content out there and now I want you to immerse yourself in that content when you have a free moment. Make that a priority. There are also so many places to access that content from traditional to contemporary digital sources. That’s what we are going to talk about next.

Where can you can find this marketing content? Let’s just start with books like a stack of marketing books here on my desk. Go out on EBay or Amazon, go to your local library, borrow one from a friend and just keep it with you. I don’t really care what the subject is. On my desk you’d see “Differentiate or Die,” “Experience the Message,” and “A New Brand World.” There are tons of topics, all you need to do is to just have that book in your hand. There are also such things as electronic books and books-on-tape and so you can listen while you are in your car. Just keep the education drive alive.

Next are blogs and thank you for watching mine. When you look, they are everywhere. Similar to networking events we talked about. You need to choose the right ones with the best content. Maybe you want to learn more about social media right now. Find a blog that is providing daily content, weekly content about social media. It comes to your phone, it comes to your computer. Pay a little attention to it and you are going to increase your knowledge base that way.

There are also videos. I’m very proud of the fact that I’m delivering my blog via video. You know there’s YouTube. Everywhere, there are videos and if you start searching by marketing or branding keywords, you are going to find a lot of pertinent videos you can watch. I encourage you to do that.

Next are podcasts, which can be video, they can be audio. Typically they are available to download into something like your iPod and you can listen to these things or watch when you have time, like running on that treadmill. There’s actually iTunesU or iTunes University. So if you go to the iTunes Store and go to iTunesU you can find all sorts of podcasts related to marketing. Again, I encourage you to download a few.

Another thing is to talk to business peers about marketing. Maybe go out for lunch and ask: “What are you doing? I want to find out a little bit more and share with you what I’m doing.” Yesterday, my blog talked about guerrilla marketing. For instance, your chat could be an opportunity to banter the subject of guerilla marketing around a little bit.

And consider a mentor. I have a couple of gentlemen in my life who are great mentors to me. Perhaps you can find a marketing mentor, somebody you can just bounce ideas off whenever you have questions. And that person, if he or she has the right background, should be able to answer and give you positive feedback.

I hope I have you a little excited to soak it up and to continue to pursue your marketing knowledge. With that knowledge, you can make your business better, make it more fit as we’ve talked about. If you continue to pursue marketing content you’ll be able to develop marketing strategies, you’ll be able to implement those strategies, and, over time, you will build your business. And that’s what our goal is here at Once a Day Marketing: to help you firm up.

As always, thanks for watching Once a Day Marketing. I think I’m going to read one of my marketing books right now. Hopefully you will find time to keep dropping yourself into marketing content. I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing, where business takes shape. Join us tomorrow, where we get into Recon Thursday, it will be another exciting adventure.