M&M’s as Moments

- November 4, 2013

'Notice the moments that shine out at you and grab your attention.'

In writing class we talk about writing one vivid memory at a time, those moments that pop up on your memory screen like a photograph or a scene from a movie. At some point along the way I started calling them M&M’s as in, just pick one M&M from the jar, one vivid memory and write that up. Then do it again.

One way to gather those M&M’s is to walk around the world in the moment with eyes wide open. Notice the moments that shine out at you and grab your attention.

For example, Harry the Cat long ago out grew the house he slept in when he was a kitten. I now use it to store the dogs’ stuffed toys: four big dirty ducks, a pig, a bear wearing a Santa hat and a rabbit. At some point each day, Georgia and Sofie get all excited and take turns pulling each one from the house. Then they toss the animals in the air and run around like the silly dogs they are.

Last week I watched as Sofie extracted each toy, stood for a moment and stared at the empty house and then proceeded to cram her seventeen pound body into the small entrance. She literally was curled upside down for a few minutes. After rolling around like a ball all over the kitchen floor, she fell asleep with her head sticking out.

Just a little moment that became a vivid memory that became the M&M I grabbed out of the jar this morning.