Mobile Devices Can Do Practically Anything

- August 31, 2012

Digital Friday/Promotion

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy for Once a Day Marketing.  Today is Digital Friday.  I was reading an article recently in the Wall Street Journal about mobile devices.  It was fascinating, their use is growing rapidly and I am going to share some of that data with you now.

Let’s take a look at a few statistics related to usage of mobile applications.  It is estimated that there will be 36 billion apps downloaded worldwide this year, growing to 136 billion downloads annually worldwide by 2017, which is a 278% increase over the next few years.

The average number of downloads per smart phone is 37.  There are currently 650,000 apps available at the Apple App Store and 600,000 on Google Play.  Another very interesting data point is that people are now spending an average of 94 minutes per day using apps on their mobile devices and only 72 minutes using the internet for web browsing.

Here is an example of ten different types of activities people are using mobile applications for:

-        Finding a home

-        Teaching kids math

-        Watching movies and television

-        Managing their money

-        Finding shopping deals

-        Planning a trip

-        Meeting up with friends

-        Finding a date if they are single

-        Reading newspapers, books and magazines

-        Advice for a new parents

Those are all applications designed for mobile devices to help individuals.

As I mentioned previously, mobile devices and mobile apps are here to stay and will be a huge part of products and services in the future.  Ask yourself:

1.         Is there a product or service you can create using a mobile app that will enhance your customers’ experience?

2.         Are you able to use an existing app to make your business and brand better?

That concludes Digital Friday.  Join us next week for Smart Monday.  To discuss an online or face to face service engagement and enhance the marketing and branding for your organization, contact James Glover: (505) 501-1330 or  I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing and we’ll see you next time.

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