Museum Hill Site tours

- June 13, 2011 space and plants keep dwindling in Santa Fe.

I had such a great time at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden tour 2011, I promised the staff that I would include some information about the Museum Hill Site tours. This new garden project prove to be vitally important as green space and plants keep dwindling in Santa Fe. This is just one project that the Santa Fe Botanical Garden supports.  Please help generate a big buzz about preserving green spaces in New Mexico.  Plus these tours may prompt you to participate in outdoor education events offered through many non-profits nearby. See if children are welcomed or if special tours for groups are available.


Museum Hill Site Tours at 9:30 AM.


Wednesday, June 29th               Saturday, August 13

Saturday, July 16                      Wednesday, August 24

Wednesday, July 27


Call 471-9103 to sign up and for instructions. If you would like and alternative date, or would like to schedule a group tour, call the same number for information.



Long ago A man went for a walk


Long ago a man went for a walk.

He became dazzled by

the incredible beauty

along the way he discovered peace

spirit filled his heart with joy.


he spent his life

working to protect the wilderness

and keep access for the public.


Today a woman

walks the earth

cherishing the power

in life's rebirth

who will join her

in sharing

the stories of plants,

trees, and flowers?


who will walk these trails

defend the lands and woods,

rivers,arroyos and deserts?

it could be you.