Mustang Camp Fieldtrip - June 13, 2011

This guy was a stallion a month ago...

Kino, my mom and dad and I left home at 4:30am Sunday morning to drive up to the Mustang Camp near Bloomfield, NM in Largo Canyon, where they gentle wild mustangs for adoption from the Forest Service. Chaundra stayed at GoatCamp in Eldorado to watch the herd until our return. 
She is a good sister.
Doonie needs a back up horse and Kino a mount, so we were looking for a gelding which would suit us both and all.
This guy was a stallion a month ago and before his capture from the wild in late March a band leader.
Some of his foals and a yearling son are in nearby pens. 
He is built well, has a refined appearance and is a smart horse. 
He will be gentled and ready for us to take over training in mid June. 
The folks at the camp will deliver him to us so it is a great deal.
We looked at a few others to be sure we had the one best suited for us. 
This guy Rangly on the left was another band leader and stallion of the same age, he also has some nice looks, but is a bit smaller, and more shy. 
We were just not as drawn to him. 
There was another young horse, a 2 year old, which we were tempted to get who is a puppy dog. Adopted as a foal and returned due to lack of time to train he has had a bit of handling and is quite sweet, and very easygoing. 
That horse will make someone a wonderful companion.
But, like when I first saw Doonie- that big bay struck me as the one I could not pass up. 
He has the most thought and consideration in his eyes, a nice wide forehead, lovely roman nose and seems to want to engage, rather than evade. 
I will be glad to have the horsepower. 
With Chopo still out of rotation due to a barbed wire injury the mares have had to fill in. 
Another chapter has begun in our continuing education in HorseManShip.