My Music Dream - November 11, 2011

"Not one of the many services that currently exist meet all of the attributes my vision demands"

Lately I’ve been whacking my mind for a subject as the time grows near for a new blog post. Finally my probing resulted in a single question. What would my ideal music service be like?

It would have to satisfy several basic criteria, specifically:

  1. SOUND—Music has to sound great through a full-range reproduction system…always. No ifs, ands or buts. I’ll accept CD quality as a baseline.

  2. CONVENIENCE—I have to be able to hear music where I want, whether at home, in a car, in a hospital waiting room or on a picnic in the wilderness.

  3. SELECTION—I want to hear what I want to hear, from Osvaldo Puglese to King Crimson…everything. Opera, big band, John Martyn, Bic Runga, whatever recording I know exists has to be available at my beck and call.

  4. CONSISTENCY—The dynamics of every selection have to be in proximity to each other as to be indistinguishable. There can be no jumping to turn something down because it is too loud, or cranking up the volume because I can’t hear what is playing.

  5. METADATA—I need to know everything about what I am hearing…composer, performers, lyrics, biographies, reviews, where it was recorded, when and by whom, etc.

  6. DISCOVERY—There has to be a mechanism for being introduced to music about which I have no knowledge. I also need to be able to identify something I hear in passing so that I can investigate further.

Okay, so this is only a wish list. Not one of the many services that currently exist meet all of the attributes my vision demands. So before I get into available music providers starting with my next post, I want to put the question to my readership. Is this enough for you?

What is your music dream?