Natural Homes of Santa Fe Offers Zero Energy Lifestyle - November 10, 2011

'now that we can build an affordable Zero Energy Home, why isn’t every builder building them?'

In October, Natural Homes celebrated the advent of affordable Zero Energy Homes, with a Zero Energy open house featuring local companies that provide equipment needed to build a home with a net annual utility cost around Zero. Zero Energy Homes now start at $279,000, a price a working family can afford.

Santa Feans came to learn how to create or renovate a home to Zero Energy and to learn what Zero Energy means, and how to get tax credits as high as $25,000 for the construction of a certified Zero Energy Home.

Local companies attended, provided information and answered questions about Zero Energy concepts, including:

Alan Hoffman of Natural Homes providing real estate services and solar home design.

Dennis Neidermier of Renaissance Builders providing “Build Green New Mexico” certified Homes.

David Rogers and Maria Hondros of Bright Solutions LED Lighting, providing efficient lighting solutions.

Robert Althouse of Solar Wise USA, providing Thermal Solar equipment and repairs.

John Gwynn of Bella Solar, providing Solar Electric Equipment and installation.

Over the last three years, with the support and encouragement of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, new technologies are making it possible to build affordable Zero Energy Homes.

Natural Homes founder, Alan Hoffman says, “It is now possible to load the cost for energy and transportation into today’s mortgage with the lowest interest rate in decades. My question is, now that we can build an affordable Zero Energy Home, why isn’t every builder building them?”