New Horizons

Greta Chapin McGill - May 20, 2013

"The continent awaits like a new pair of shoes fresh from the box begging to be worn."

Waking up this morning full of the shine of a new twenty four. To do with as I please, to make into what I wish. To share with whom ever makes me happy. This summer has promise.

I have reached one of those life changing moments. One where the electricity of the future and the chill of each second is obvious. Lucky to have been able to surround myself with people who are also swirling in the winds of change. People on the precipice of the rest of their lives.

A few weeks ago I was privileged to have watched the final episode of "Project Runway" with Patricia Michaels, her family, her creative staff and some of her close friends. It was an elegant special night and one I will never forget. I sat across from Patricia and we got a chance to really talk.  I listened breathlessly to her plans for the future and basked in her calm and pleasing spirit.

I decided to take my own journey of discovery and inspiration. The opportunity to visit Austria and Italy has been dropped into my existence and without blinking I have taken it. So today I find myself at Dulles International Airport listening to announcements in three languages. Starbucks is serving lovely small plates along with great wine. I have a feeling things will be different for me in this month of personal discovery.

When I first came to the cool coral mountains of Abiquiu, I thought my life journey could not get any better. I was amazed at the events life had to show me -- the people the universe would introduce to me. The music, the art, and the passion for life available just by opening my eyes and my heart. Whatever happens now is a sparkling rich ladle of savory gravy poured over an already sumptuous feast.

Inspiration comes from many things. From the facade of a building or an afternoon of people watching at a small cafe. Watching Patricia Michaels life changing time and hearing her words changed my existence. For the next few weeks, my eyes will see new visions and meet new people.  Writing from room 30 on the Linzergasse the double windows open onto this narrow street of Salzburg Austria. Gasping at the beauty of The Salzburg Cathedral in all its Italian baroque splendor, walking through apartments once occupied by Mozart I feel no constraints on living this creative existence called life.

So much to see on this blue fascinating marble how can one not peak around every corner. My curiosity has again gotten the better of me. Lifted me over the clouds and across the ocean. Talking to my seat mate on the flight to Germany I was astounded to find he was from Santa Fe. A builder of eco-friendly houses in the City Different. Santa Fe follows me everywhere; it is the city of my rebirth. Come along and spend some time. The continent awaits like a new pair of shoes fresh from the box begging to be worn. It’s a special occasion.