New Mexico Certified Chile Brand Sizzles

James Glover - August 20, 2014


We are all very familiar with Champagne from France, Florida oranges and Kobe beef from Japan. Why? These regions have staked a claim to their tasty products and have spent decades managing the brands to ensure consumers have a very clear understanding of the unique nature and quality their respective products provide to the world.

Here in New Mexico, we, too, have a one-of-a-kind product. It's our chile. Whether red chile from Chimayo or green chile from Hatch, New Mexico is the undisputed chile growing champion of the world.

With that, New Mexico is finally staking claim to its to-die-for gem with the launch of the New Mexico Certified Chile™ brand. From this point forward, the New Mexico Chile Association will manage the brand to ensure that foodies everywhere seek out New Mexico chile and ask for it by name.

My hats off to our statewide chile growers and the association. Long live New Mexico Certified Chile.

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