‘New Mexico Shorts’: Film Reviews

- September 26, 2012

"These shorts contain many different elements and will have something for everyone to enjoy"

This blog is written on behalf of the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and will serve as an honest, unbiased review of a few films that will be screening this year. Hopefully, these reviews will inspire conversation and discussion amongst other viewers and encourage the overall appreciation and dissection of this art we call film.

The New Mexico Shorts program displays a wide range of styles, genres and techniques. From "Ritz and Spitz", a silent comedy in black and white about two aspiring magicians who fail in fantastic form during their performance, to "Where Sheep May Safely Graze", a drama about the consequences of murder and the people that are affected by it.

These films tackle social issues; "20 Ways" is based on an article written by a Mid-western lawyer that outlined twenty ways to spot illegals. This film applies these guidelines to a German family from the past- and a present-day Mexican family to show that these ways could be applied to any demographic.

Some are comedies designed to entertain. "Hover Board" is a story about children’s imagination and the endless possibility that kids see when they are put in a situation where they must make their own fun. "Trekking for God" is a funny adventure of a search for a supreme being and the reaction that the main characters have once they find what they have always been looking for.

The other two films, "Angel of Sin" and "Run Red Walk" use art as their fuel for their stories. "Angel of Sin" is a music video for John Trudell’s song of the same name and follows the story of the angel sung about in the song. "Run Red Walk" is adapted from a Navajo story and follows a dog in search of the sheep he is supposed to be watching. Along the way he receives help and advice from his animal friends, portrayed by fantastic and colorful puppets.

These shorts contain many different elements and will have something for everyone to enjoy.

"Ritz and Spitz"

Link to the "20 Ways" trailer.

"Angel of Sin"

"Run Red Walk"

Selah Kahrmann is a sophomore at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design in the Moving Image Arts department. She is focused on screenwriting and has always had a passion for writing, which she hopes to have a career in after graduatation.