Santa Fe Ranked Most Artistic City in America - December 2, 2011

Artists are Santa Fe’s Economic Engine

Santa Fe is the most artistic city in the America. Richard Florida confirmed it in an article this week for The Atlantic Magazine’s Cities website.

Santa Fe is twice as artistic as the second city named in his analysis – San Francisco. Florida and a colleague at the Martin Prosperity Institute, Kevin Stolarick, used data gathered by the U.S. Census Bureau for their study. They specifically examined data on "artists and related workers," which covers both employed and self-employed visual artists.

Santa Fe has the highest concentration of visual artists for its population size of any U.S. city.

But we already know that.


We also know through other studies completed by Americans for the Arts and NEA that we have the highest per capital number of fine artists, architects, writers and authors, and arts related businesses of any city in America. Santa Fe also has the second highest concentration of total artists in our labor force.

Notice the words labor force. Artists are an economic engine in Santa Fe -- more than $1 billion in revenues each year supporting more than 17% of all jobs in Santa Fe County.

Artists and creative workers are our family members, friends and neighbors. We see, feel, and enjoy their work every day. Now we can officially celebrate it.

Top 10 Most Artistic Cities in America

  1. Santa Fe, NM

  2. San Francisco, CA

  3. New York, NY

  4. Los Angeles, CA

  5. Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA

  6. Danbury, CT

  7. New Bedford, MA

  8. Boulder-Longmont, CO

  9. Barnstable-Yarmouth, MA

  10. Jersey City, NJ



(Caption: Renowned artist Bruce Nauman is widely recognized as one of the country's most innovative and provocative artists.)