No Regrets

- June 10, 2011 immediate reaction was “AWESOME, LET’S DO IT!”

When I opened my eyes, there she was… Libertas, Roman goddess of freedom, dancing around me in a purple velvet jumpsuit to the booty-shaking bass line of some wild funk. I assumed it was a dream, but only knew for sure when she planted one on me and breathed the word “Soulive” into my ear in a Happy-Birthday-Mr.-President-like voice. So when my KBAC Friday Funk co-host (we were subbing for the Motherfunker) told me Soulive was coming to Albuquerque May 10th, my immediate reaction was “AWESOME, LET’S DO IT!” My well-hidden practical side thought, Shit… that’s a Tuesday. That makes the whole babysitter thing really difficult, plus Kaela has soccer practice on Tuesday nights... I guess I could move her to a Wednesday nightpractice that week, but then she’d have to miss Hebrew School… and how do I really feel about Kalea skipping Hebrew School so I can go to a concert at a bar in Albuquerque? Well, I guess feel pretty ok about it... I mean if there is a capital “G” God, he has to dig Soulive, right? A sitter… a weeknight sitter… hmmm… that means it has to be at my house… which also means I have to clean it before Tuesday. The weekend is out; already overbooked… I’ll have to take a day off from work just to clean the damn house so the sitter can come over and not feel like she’s in a nightmarish episode of Hoarders. Crap, who can I call? Maybe Emma’s available… she even has her own car now, which is WAY better than when I had to pick her up and drop her off... God, living in Eldorado seriously sucks sometimes…



Given my dream state encounter with Libertas and my general love for all things funky, I was determined to forge the seemingly endless swamp of hassles that lay before me to make this Soulive thing happen. I launched into motion the complex machinery needed to secure a little “me” time in my crazy life and with much ado about everything, I booked the sitter, cleaned the house, made arrangements for the kids to get where they needed to go (Kaela didn’t miss Hebrew school!), bought the tickets, washed the one pair of jeans that fit me, took the booster seat out of my car, cleaned up the gross food remnants that were under the booster seat, made sure homework was done, wrote out instructions for the sitter, made dinner for the kiddos, fed the dogs, cat, and fish, actually showered, and VOILA, just like that, we were headed for club Low Spirits in the Duke City.

Was it worth the mad rushing around and scheming? No doubt. Soulive tore it up, and their new bent on an old funky friend worked out all my kinks. There are no better things than drinks with friends and a deep groove to right the world. Besides, live music makes my inner Libertas do the Robot, and that’s just plain cool.