Notes on Spiritual Vortices - July 13, 2011

"Not 'The Vortex' in the Abraham-Hicks sense, but as in 'Spiritual Vortices in specific geographical places'..."

Not sure that makes sense for me. Not that people do not get vibed up by a particular place, but if all energy is unified energy, and everything derives from source energy, why would one place hold "more" (as if it comes in volume--"give me a pound of energy and a gallon of vibration") than any other place?  People LOVE the idea that that is the case....I can't help but think that maybe the "Vortex" resides in us, and it is awakened, triggered, activated by exposure to a person (Amma, the Dalai Lama, your local Rabbi, Ram Das) or a place (Taos, Sedona, Mount Blanca, etc.) I could argue (and feel pretty good about it) that one is giving away power when one chooses an interpretation like that--like it is the PLACE that holds the power or AMMA that holds the connection to Source...I am thinking it is probably not like that.
OK, let me say it is not like that  FOR ME. Maybe you DO get it from Amma or Mount Blanca or wherever.....But if YOU carry it with you, and locate it inside, you, then I think it might not matter WHERE you are....Like my friend Gary B.--He might just carry it all the time, so when he says "I have not felt the vibe in those vortices", it could be that he is in touch with it all of the time, and the vagaries of geographical location or what have you do not make the difference?
I mean we ALL get that the Pacific Ocean is more inspiring than Steubenville, Ohio, so there is that.....but in terms of the place being a Vortex, special and different from another place?  Hmmm........Or I heard somebody bemoan the fact that the New Mexico fires burned "Sacred Lands" of the Santa Clara Pueblo, and I thought "So the lands OUTSIDE the Santa Clara Pueblo are NOT sacred, or LESS sacred?  Why?  Because the denizens of the Pueblo claim it to be so?  That one was not working much for me either....                                          

My apologies for thinking so damn much.