Objects of Art

- August 8, 2011

Culture Vulture, August 8, 2011

Between the two of them, Kim Martindale and John Morris have been producing quality art and antique shows for as long as I can remember.

Hell, Kim has been producing shows since he was 16. 

And, John? Well John was a production coordinator at Woodstock and has never STOPPED producing.

For almost three decades, Kim Martindale has produced many of the country's most prestigious and successful historic art shows. In addition, over the last 12 years, he's brought the same professionalism and enthusiasm to a series of contemporary fine art shows.

Now, for a second year, Kim and John are co- producing The Santa Fe Show “Objects of Art” at El Museo in the Railyard, The show now spans two weekends and runs parallel to the Indian and Ethnographic Antique Shows and Indian Market.

Featuring more than 60 exhibitors, with material ranging from contemporary to historic. The show will include paintings, sculpture, and fine art of all kinds, furniture, books, posters, jewelry, textiles, and tribal, folk, American Indian, African, and Asian art –"OBJECTS OF ART" from around the world.