Pitch Perfect: Outlaw Country Kicks Off Contest On a High Note

- August 23, 2012

I didn't get much work done this afternoon, and the incessant melody of "Life Is a Highway" is haunting my every thought. That's because earlier today, Outlaw Country's Uncle Jesse, Kat Belew and Doc Holliday put together a video as part of a contest to win tickets for the upcoming Rascal Flatts concert in Albuquerque, September 7.

The talented Outlaw trio is offering this video as an example of what you can do in order to win tickets to the show. Simply grab a smart phone, grab a  few family members or friends and film your best Rascal Flatts impression. Submit the link to your video to this contest page. Yes, you too can impersonate country glory (extra points for super-spiked and gelled hair, frosted tips and pouty facial expressions).

Here's the video, now get cracking on one of your own.