Planning 101: Thoughts on a Sparkler Send-Off - February 22, 2012

"A rose petal send-off is boring and a bubble send-off is so 1985..."

Photo courtesy of Jane Bernard

I have mixed feeling about sparklers at weddings. I also have scars from sparklers at weddings, so you can see why I have mixed feelings. Let's get one thing straight, I LOVE pyrotechnics, I LOVE fireworks and I especially LOVE lighting fireworks. Ask my neighbors, they know. But, I mostly love things that go boom (or spark) in the properly equipped hands.

That said; if you want sparklers at your wedding, make sure your guests are at least over the age of 15, if not 25, or just darn old enough to know NOT to play sparklers swords. In addition, make sure you have buckets of sand/water for guests to place their used sparklers in because what's worse than a sparkling metal stick is a sneakily dull looking, burnt out, still molten-hot metal stick. (I've had a few tablecloths ruined by guests who placed their used-up sparklers on them...c'mon people, really?)

And, let's be honest, most people drink at weddings and why would we ever think it would be a bad idea to give flaming-hot metal pokers to drunk people? Gee, I have no idea. (That last sentence was filled with sarcasm)

I know what you're thinking, A rose petal send-off is boring and a bubble send-off is so 1985, I want some flare and flame and pizzazz! Well let's talk a little more harmless, less scar-inducing options, shall we? What about silly-string, I love that stuff! Or, how about glow sticks or customized paper airplanes! If your venue has a sweep-able send-off area, I'm a big fan of Flutter Fetti with its aerodynamic shape to float longer and enhance the flutter. It comes in custom colors too! Hooray! You could also have a musical send off. Grab a bunch of mini tambourines, bells, kazoos and even some maracas and make some noise!

Now, that's leaving the party in style!!

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