Poetically Hungry

- June 13, 2011

Can you spare some food?

Can you spare some food? $0.25 can create a meal.

The next series of blogs will be reverse in time. So much has been happening that it hard to keep up on the stories.  Hence, I'll start today, Sunday, June 11th and meander some back into yesterdays' news.  First an update on a recent blog. The NM governor withdrew her decision for cancelling the SNAP program.This is a supplemental state program that adds money to the federal food stamp program. She received a lot of calls within a few hours.  However some speculate that the issue with be re-introduced when citizens are not watching. Keep abreast as seniors and disabled folks often do not have the ability to rapidly increase their income or return to work. 

Also on Thursday morning, those facing food insecurity issues, can show up to the Food Depot on Siler Road in Santa Fe, NM. This is another program independent of the Food Depot. Don't go hungry. If you know someone in need who does not have access to a ride, get a bag for him/her or bring her/him along. 

Recent funny story: 

I went to the Food Depot and followed some young travellers in need into the building. A gentleman talked to the young people and asked them to wait in a nearby room. He came out into the hallway, and saw me, and said do you need help too? His tone reflected that he meant, "Do you need food too?" I smiled and surprised him and answered, "No, I am here to make a donation." He quickly and gratefully directed me to the office.  Every donation matters. $1.00 can create 4 meals. Please join me anytime in helping keep New Mexicans fed. Thanks. 

Well I got off track here, however food remains on my mind a lot, as you will see in some of the next few blogs.  While we celebrate the earth's abundance, give thanks for our gardens and farmers, and dance with joy at the Farmers' Markets, it is great to remember those who may face harder times.