Product Strategy: FishDuck Wins Big

- May 24, 2012

Recon Thursday/Product

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing. Today is Recon Thursday and we’re going to elaborate on one of the philosophies for introducing a new product into the market that we discussed on Monday, the Marketing Concept, by sighting the example of

You may recall that the marketing concept revolves around the identification of a product to fill a customer need. Today’s example demonstrates how a new website vying to capture market share of
internet college football coverage leveraged the marketing concept.

Charles Fisher, the founder of lives in Eugene, Oregon and is a huge fan of Oregon Ducks football. Over the last few years Oregon’s offense has been one of the most prolific in all of college
football. If their offense is complicated for coaches and players to follow, what about fans? Charles’ goal was to create a very simple way for loyal Ducks fans to be able to understand the plays as they
followed their team.

The concept began when Charles noticed there was something missing on the numerous websites covering college football. He observed that despite all the coverage of the Ducks, no site provided
in-depth analysis of how Chip Kelly’s offense was scoring all those touchdowns. Charles created to fill the gap and began sharing videos with Xs and Os clearly explaining how Oregon’s
offense was working, the inside read, the outside read, and other techniques.

Over the last year has gained many followers including ESPN and Bleacher Report, two of the prominent websites that cover college football on the internet. They are now linking to his videos.

Using the marketing concept, review your products and determine if there are things you could be providing to your customers that they want and you aren’t currently providing.

As Charles identified the fact that fans wanted more information about the Xs and Os and created, consider the possible Xs and Os you can deliver to your customers.

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