Project Runway Season 11 Episode 9: ‘Spring Look’

Greta Chapin McGill - March 27, 2013

"I want a win for the lovely lady from Taos"

Spring is here, It’s snowing and blustery across much of the country but on "Project Runway," pastels and floral for the Lord and Taylor Challenge are the order of the day. The judges have decided who will be teamed together. This season is a collection of strong and opinionated personalities making great TV. Each episode begs for one’s total attention to see who is dishing whom.

The Lord and Taylor Challenge is a huge win. The designer who wins will have his or her garment produced and sold in Lord and Taylor. It is a make-or-break moment for a designer trying to make a statement in a very competitive world. The designers met at Lord and Taylor and were greeted by Suzanne Timmins, senior vice president/fashion director of Lord and Taylor. There is no Lord and Taylor in Santa Fe so let this East Coast fashionista tell you, L&T is a store celebrating fashion on every level. Wearable chic clothing is the hallmark of a company with a flagship store that is a destination for any true shopaholic traveling to New York. The architecture of the building and the iconic windows are part of the landscape of this world-class city.

The garment the designers create must be inspired by the Lord and Taylor symbol, a classic long-stem red rose, the store's symbol of class and style since 1943. In true "Project Runway" style, the teams are again shuffled and New Mexico's own Patricia Michaels is teamed with Stanley Hudson, two very strong points of view. My favorite line of the episode is Michaels' philosophy for working within her team dynamic...”..just agree, nod your head and they will go away.” I think I will use this...

What made this challenge so different is the opinions clashing all over the workroom. It was tense on all sides. Everyone wanted to make certain the judges had a clear sense of their particular point of view.

On Runway day the designers are putting last minute finishes to their looks. Michaels' colors are joyful and certainly have the clear vision of spring. She showed a cigarette pant with a beautiful chiffon flowing top. A spring look I felt was totally a Lord and Taylor customer. Something she was truly proud of, a look that was really representing her. I, for one, hope she decides to produce this look because it is what I want to look like this spring. The color of the shoes was perfection and as a shoe girl, I wanted them. The entire look was so special and perfect.

Team Michaels and Hudson were the first team to be called safe and moved on to the next round. I cannot wait for the next episode. The judges clearly love her point of view and she moves flawlessly when given the freedom to be herself. Next week it’s wearable art! I challenge you to make the most interesting snack...I had a lovely calamari salad and white wine this week in honor of spring. I want a win for the lovely lady from Taos.