‘Project Runway’: The Water Lily Blossoms at Lincoln Center Finale

Greta Chapin McGill - April 23, 2013

This is it. My heart is pounding with excitement. Thursday is the final installment of Project Runway, the dramatic conclusion of Season 11. The big show at Lincoln Center, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week; the announcement of the winner of the big money; the big car and most of all the life changing career boost.

Of course, I am rooting for Patricia Michaels. If you read my blog, you already know my loyalty lies with the Lady from Taos. Her home visit with Tim Gunn was inspiring. Her family ties and the sights of Taos clearly moved him. To share this experience with someone so genuinely talented with such a clear vision of themselves and what they want the world to see has made my Thursday nights special for the past few weeks. Her work is clearly a calling that drives her life.

Art is a never ending life lesson. You never know what is going to move you, what color will inspire you to stop everything and call forth a vision only you can see. Every creation is an experiment with the brain, eye and hand, all talking together. The conversation is always exciting and spontaneous. That spontaneity is what makes Patricia Michaels' work resonate with me.

Last week, the blue shift with the micaceous piettes and the eclectic headdress was my favorite look. I would wear it in a heartbeat, it was runway perfection. I have a new found respect for Duct Tape and wrapping myself totally in print. Fashion has become expressionist again. I want a flowing silk top, cigarette pants and shoes all in shades of the same pale coral color graduating from my head to my toes. I want leggings with leather accents. In short I love her clothes. As Michaels said,”...I feel that I am speaking art..”

On April 25, I am hopeful there will be viewing parties all over town. This is Santa Fe’s Super Bowl of fashion. I can tell you, New York is buzzing with excitement over who the winner will be. My favorite sushi bar is having $3 martinis! Fashion is so exciting.

The Waterlily has blossomed. Day or night, beautiful colorful and blue, rooted in the soil with their flowers and leaves floating on a pad. I cannot think of a more fitting logo for Patricia and her line. Do go to her website to see her style and her vision for yourself.

During her time on Project Runway, her visions were questioned: She never won one challenge and her taste was called “artsy fartsy.” At every turn she faced obstacles and extreme criticism. Incredibly she has emerged like the water lily and blossomed in beautiful colors to be seen on the runway at Lincoln Center. I send my best to her. Bring home the prize Patricia, all of Santa Fe is ready to envelope you and your winning spirit. Whatever the outcome, you are a winner and shining star for the City Different.