- November 26, 2012

The Edifice Complex...

I am always delighted to see the ingenuity that folks in the arts bring to fundraising. I don’t know how many museums I have entered where the pavement or the brick pavers were emblazoned with names of donors. I don’t know about you, but I always got in trouble if I took a stick and signed my name in freshly-poured concrete. Now you see donors names on everything—I still can’t get used to the New York State Theater at Lincoln Center (home of the New York City Ballet) being called the Koch Theater and named after the billionaire Koch brothers of political SuperPac fame. I call it "The Edifice Complex.”

Well, Jerry Wellman and Matthew Chase-Daniel from Axle Contemporary (the art gallery in a stepvan) have a distinct problem. The Axle Contemporary stepvan is never in one consistent place for very long. And this makes it difficult for a proud donor to walk into the doors of an arts space and point proudly to his or her name over the door, on the floor or on any other unmoving object. 

Enter “Adopt-a-Stepvan-Part”. You can now get naming rights and bragging rights on everything from the turn signal lever @ $15 to the transmission @$500 on this moving art gallery. Lots to think about! I know my last transmission cost way more than $500, but I do wonder: If I buy naming rights to a windshield wiper kit @ $125 and one of the blades wears out, is there a possibility that the Koch brothers will snap up the replacement and I will share the naming rights with them? Or, if I have my name on a right front tire and it goes flat, do I have to come out in the middle of the night, like AAA and repair it.

Anyway, I think it is a terribly clever idea and I will find SOMETHING that I can afford. Find out the range of donations possible and the various “parts” available at . I think Axle Contemporary is one of our unique treasures. I hope you will support them.

You can have your choice of name emblazoned on your favorite Axle Contemporary truck part. Think about the steering column, henceforth known as the Jonathan S. Doe Steering Column!  This is a real classy way to memorialize yourself, a loved one, or your favorite pet.  Axle Contemporary will issue a very exclusive certificate of appreciation destined to be coveted by stepvan lovers and art lovers alike.

Stepvan parts are limited.  Choose your favorite part and act now before your most treasured stepvan part is named by another!

Donate online at the Axle Contemporary website, or send a check to Narrative Art Center, Axle Contemporary Fund, PO Box 22095 Santa Fe, NM, 87502.  All donations are tax-deductible. 

2012 was a very active year for Axle Contemporary.  They continued and expanded their series of installation art and works on paper and introduced a new June performance art series in the Railyard and presented projects at CURRENTS, ISEA Center, and TedX.  They visited schools, including the New Mexico School for the Arts, The Santa Fe Community College and The Santa Fe University of Art and Design.  Axle Contemporary Press released four books: Body, E Pluribus Unum: Santa Fe, Seeing Inside and Landings :Birds in the Park

I just thought of something? A muffler is available for $50, right? Assuming this has something to do with censorship, the Koch brothers might snatch that up rather quickly. On the other hand I am opposed to any form of artistic censorship, so I better go online quickly and purchase that one. Let the Koch brothers buy the lug nuts for 32 bucks, that’s one lug nut per brother at $16 each.