Branding a Clothing Manufacturer

James Glover - October 8, 2013

Strategic Tuesday/Positioning

Listen to our featured Ask Those Branding Guys radio show podcast: Sense Clothing Santa Fe

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today is Strategic Tuesday and we are talking with Santa Fe clothing manufacturer Sense.

On our radio show Ask Those Branding Guys, we spoke with Robin Beachner, founder and CEO of Santa Fe based Sense clothing company. Sense is focused on providing high quality clothing made in the USA along with great customer service. Social responsibility is also part of the Sense mission. The name Sense is derived from their concept of clothing that makes sense.

Glover shared that Robin should continue to promote these compelling aspects that differentiate the brand and may want to consider tailoring messages to specific sub-groups such as those to whom “made in USA” or “socially responsible” would appeal since they do not necessarily overlap.

A branding challenge has developed for Sense prompted by the move away from traditional advertising. Creative energy is now being directed into photo shoots to better show off the clothing itself. Beachner is considering how best to use these images. Glover suggested short videos on such social media channels as Instagram or Vine to capture the power of referrals from existing customers.

Enjoy the podcast.

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