Canyon De Chelly on Horseback

Susie Morgan - August 13, 2014

"There are so many famous sights inside the canyon..."

Rio Sandia Morgans
has planned a horseback trip for you and your horse into Canyon De Chelly this fall. The scenery and history of this famous and scared area are unparalleled. The dates are October 1st - 5th.

The trip includes with a day of riding up into Canyon del Muerto and three more days and two nights camping up in Canyon de Chelly. We hauled our horses to visit the canyon a few years ago; however, we stayed at the Thunderbird Lodge at the mouth of the canyon. This caused us to travel over the same ground at the mouth of the canyon every day. Camping sounds like a great option as it allows you to get deeper into the canyon. The nights camping in the canyon should be magical.

For me, it was a bucket list experience that exceeded expectations. The Indian Guides will share their history and culture with you as well as discuss the role of the Navajo in World War II as Code Talkers. Today, many continue to volunteer for service, and serve as volunteer community fireman. Many of the guides still have family living, farming and ranching in the canyon.

There are so many famous sights inside the canyon including the cliff dwellings of Whitehouse, petroglyphs, sacred places, hidden side canyons, and locations made famous by prolific Indian photographer Edward S. Curtis. He was born in the second half of the 1800s living until 1952, with most of his great works shot around the turn of the century.

You do not need to have your own horse to participate. There are horses for rent on sight. If you do decide to take your own horses as we did, you will need to have a current Coggins and Health Certificate as well as some sort of proof of ownership (brand certificate or registration papers). Without all of these documents, the Indian Reservation will not issue a permit for your horse. Also bring your own stock feed for consistency for your horse. Your horse needs to be in good physical shape as there are several deep sandy areas through the entrance arroyo that go on for a few miles. The trip from Santa Fe is about a 6 hour haul to Chinle, Arizona.

Rio Sandia Morgans has set an inclusive price of $625 for the 5 days which includes trailer camping and stabling, requisite Indian Guides, camping fees, two dinners and two breakfasts at camp site in the canyon. Rental horses would be extra. A photographer will be along to capture your adventure.

If you are interested in this amazing destination, and would appreciate experiencing it from the back of a horse, contact Steve Simmons for more information and to reserve your space on this amazing trip.


Canyon De Chelly