Dancing the Two-Step and Other Steps Too

- July 13, 2011

"What does, say, Thor's Hammer have to do with dancing, you might say. Well, here goes..."

So when the hammer is thrown, it comes back into your hands.

So do the dancers, into each others' arms and into their own lives and bodies and souls.

But the ones who "stand there with their arms crossed or sit in their chairs and act like they are appreciating music" have a lot to learn about what they might gain from their vulnerability. The answer is: everything.

The act of creation, be it what some call art ( which should be, mostly, the reflection of a moment in time when some image or shape or feeling is called up if only so briefly and in such a ephemeral or clumsy way) or what some call craft (which is just a way of saying the artist has decided to make something useful or not necessarily profound) is the "hammer" and, like our dance partner, it enters into a synergistic relationship where stepping together creates an energy where anything one puts into it will be rewarded wonderfully.

A culture that has decided to look and listen and not dance is like a woodworker without a hammer; what was he thinking?

Now then, going to the Santa Fe Plaza and the Summer Bandstand and dancing to Zydeco music has got to be one of the most exciting things in the world, or dancing to the African drummers at the Railyard (on the grassy side of the park) and we just did it, along with a slew of wonderful dancers at both occasions.  After the African dancing (which we found was really great to polka or two step to….) we went over to La Fonda and danced some more to Bill Hearne and company (Auge was there on the pedal steel that night !) and last Saturday it was a “beach party” at La Tienda. Not bad for an old country couple. 

More later, folks; this one is not going away