‘Dumbleweed’: A FIlm Review

- October 4, 2012

"...give this film a chance (and be sure to bring the kids)!"

"Dumbleweed" is a winning short film that is sure to inspire and entertain family audiences of all ages. The story follows what happens when a little girl wishes she had snow (and more specifically, a snowman) for Christmas. This seemingly simple request becomes more complicated when one realizes that the girl and her father live in the Southwest. However, a kind tumbleweed decides to take matters into his own… branches, and risk his life to give Chandra a proper Christmas. If you had any doubts that tumbleweeds can be brought to life and carry an exciting plot all on their own, then give this film a chance (and be sure to bring the kids)!

Baxter Smith is a sophomore at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, studying film. His interests therein include: writing, directing, and film restoration, as well as music (both of the soundtrack and popular variety).