Launch of the new

- July 5, 2011

"It’s exactly what we needed."

We’ve always had a But today, we have a new and hugely improved!

The folks at Hutton Broadcasting has been working feverishly since their purchase of the domain and all of their hard work has paid off for them today.

We should all be giving them a big round of cyber-applause (hear the sounds of thousands of keyboards clicking to sound like clapping?!). They have a deep understanding of what makes us Santa Fe and why we’re called the City Different.

Key features include all of the Hutton Broadcasting radio stations streaming live through the site, and 2 of which ONLY stream live. Love Santa Fe gettin’ with the times here….

The events calendar is more thorough than ever before. We all can and should check this daily ~ it will be bringing us together like never before.

The Social Santa Fe section showcases every Santa Fe musician, artist, author and non-profit. Each has their own landing page with links to all of their work, websites, blogs, etc. What a genius idea. Wonder why no one did this before? Well, cheers to the fact that we have it now!

The Explore Santa Fe tab shows an exhaustive list of  where to go, what to see and do, where to shop, etc. All are organized in a well-thought-out and intuitive format. Perfect for locals and tourists both. It’s exactly what we needed.

And of course the hospitality industry is covered perfectly~the hotel directory and restaurant guide are looking great.

So check out the site, stream some local tunes, and support all the locals that are a part of!