Moon Dust on My Sleeve

- December 13, 2012

"What does one wear on a outing to the moon?"

When I arrived in New Mexico, I had never seen the moon. I don’t mean never in my life had I raised my eyes to the sky and noticed there was a brightly lit orb hanging there every evening, what I mean is I had never seen it.

In the mountains of Abiquiu the moon lives a special life. It shines brightly over my little house and sometimes I can truly believe it shines only for me. I think it was the night I went on a solitary evening hike that  the idea came to me. Shrouded in moonglow, I made a decision I needed to visit the moon.

The only question needing to be answered at this point is what mode of transportation does one take to get to the object of one’s desire. I call it the object of my desire, because that is just what the moon became. I began to think of it constantly. Making detailed computations of distance and landscape. atmosphere and wardrobe concerns filled two spiral notebooks, front and back of each page. I think I had become obsessive.

A year and six months of intense planning went by. I was mentally ready to travel to the moon. A lunar explorer, a pioneer, a woman on the edge. I rushed to Best Buy to procure a new camera, never mind that the salesmen looked aghast when I said I needed it to be able to function in an atmosphere of electrostatically-levitated dust. He looked at me quzzically, moon dust my friend.....moon dust. I chose a small digital Cano that I knew would fit neatly in the pocket of my self-designed black, fitted moon suit.

What does one wear on a outing to the moon? I had no idea if I would be greeted by moon beings needing to know what lunar explorers were wearing this season, so I had to design carefully. Moon boots should definitely be over the knee and flat. They would also need some traction. I didn’t want to get mired down in the moon dust, or maybe I did. I needed custom-made ones to get the right height. I finally found the right company, Lil Wayne used them for his moon attire. My boots secured, it was on to my moon wardrobe.

My dream space suit is equipped with formfitting black leggings adored with swirling silver stars to match my surroundings. Each star applique is in fact a super high tech heating system to keep my body warm when I need it and cool when appropriate. A white and silver high necked sweater with a built-in tight-fitting hood to hug my head. The hood is equipped with head phones attached to a tiny MP3 clipped to the neck. Every song ever recorded with the word “moon” in it is downloaded for my listening and inspirational pleasure. A six-inch insulated moon jacket with 69 insulated zipper compartments for sketch books, lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, camera and various other necessities. A white moon helmet with super radiation replant black vision portals. Laying out my moon attire and matching moon undies, I was ready.

My transportation is arranged. Who knew it was so simple. All it took was wanting to go. Wanting to go so badly I became intentional, purposeful and believing. I picked the day. I picked the time. Dressed in my amazing moon suit, I am now on my way. Meeting angels helping me along to my destination, admiring my moon suit and posing for photos. As I listen to “Moon River”, “Dancing in the Moonlight” , “Under the Moon of Love” and more never ending moon songs I can only look up towards my new destination, brilliantly whole and full in the sky, the moon of my dreams.