seven word poems

- June 13, 2011

As a teenager I sometimes found myself in trouble for my poetry.

Perhaps you have heard of 6 word poems. Maybe when listening to KSFR radio you heard about 6 word memoirs from Smith Magazine. . These short messages seem quite the rage and a new book has even been published. Since Santa Fe is the City Different, I think we should start 7 word poems here. Apparently the interview mentioned that people of all ages love making 7 word poems. If you happen to be under 18, please get a parent's permission note to publish here. As a teenager I sometimes found myself in trouble for my poetry.  However as the High School editor of the school newspaper I usually got to publish what I wanted.


You are invited to send your poems now. Always. If we get enough perhaps we could have a live poetry reading. If the editors like them enough, perhaps a local radio station would broadcast a poetry slam for all ages. In the meantime we need to create a buzz with our dancing words now.


7 word poems by Mary MacIntyre


aching foot stops walking

rest eases pain


in moments before snowstorm

exhilaration on mountaintrail


mountain bike tracks speed

middle aged bicyclists


age vanishes when

you believe you can


breathe, breathe deep

longer exhale heal breathe


little cat ready for food

waits peacefully


walk again in strength

discover peace within


So now you get the idea. Now I want your ideas. It's the hunger thing. The more you write, the more I can publish. Do you have some 7 word feedback?