- November 9, 2011

A Poem

Words randomly placed in the day can bring to the forefront of one's mind an emotion, a place, a time.
They can evoke happiness in one way and sadness in another.  I present to you such a word.


Make love to me
ever changing spicy love
Eat with me and of me
swallow my soul at every turn
sweep me away in beautiful deep pools
called your eyes
hands the shape and size that fit me
relax me into a blue corduory pocket of love
I sleep peacefully
your hands
fitting my thighs perfectly
tears are now in my eyes
ever the questions of my truth
integrity and direction
separate my withered impaired past
questions answered to many times to count
manipulative spirits always crushing my creations
you were different
understanding the depth of a free simple spirit
needing only sun and air to grow
gving me the sky to wear and hope for more
gifts given to you to use only for me
you leave silently on my doorstep
pain of your love and love of your pain
inextricably woven together