Two New Mexican Poems

- June 19, 2012

"I tell a friend I am going to New Mexico and live..."

Ojo Caliente, New Mexico


--- She Asks . . . I Answer

It is early Fall.  She asks, being a New York City “girl” only two years in New Mexico,
for a few days care-taking house of friends ---
Ojo Caliente
surrounded by fields and meadows ---
She asks --- Do you think they have mice in here?
“Here” being kitchen with several shelves with paper packages ---- rice, and flour, and pancake mix ----
I answer --- being more familiar with New Mexico lands ---
Mice???  How could they NOT have mice in here! ---
This place is a universe of mice ---- 
mice who scamper furtively --- or not so furtively in night or
when alone in house ---
mice who scamper through the woody stalks of
fields uncultivated, late summer. . . a shaded forest to them, beneath
September's drying leaves and drying seed pods. . .
An outing --- Rio Grande Gorge Bridge near Taos.
Above us soar two great birds --- wide wing spans ---
hawks or vultures.
What god-like view they have!br /> More spectacular than ours on the bridge above the gorge.
Their view --- the birds --- more comprehensive, more knowing,
more powerful than ours ---
What a difference is their view from that
of universe of the mice.

Goodbye New York!

I tell a friend I'm going to New Mexico and live. . .

She says:  The air out there is clean, baked by the desert.
It's all in touch with the water.
Water? I ask.  What water?
The Rio Grande, the sand, the cactus.

The air in New York is re-cycled.

She continues:  New York ---- There's not a spot on any sidewalk
that hasn't been spit on, pissed on, killed or died on.

By the way, I mention, all these buildings are compacted, dense with human lives.