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Casey St. Charnez - August 14, 2014

New DVD:
Bears (2014) C-78min. CoD: Alastair Fothergill & Keith Scholey. One year in the lives of a mother bear and her two cubs in Alaska. A theatrical release from Disneynature. [G]

Breathe In (2012) C-97min. D,CoSc: Drake Doremus. Guy Pearce, Felicity Jones, Amy Ryan, Mackenzie Ryan. A mother, father, and a daughter who’s an only child have been leading a comfortable existence, but then it is disrupted totally and fatefully by the advent of a beautiful British foreign exchange student. [R; language]

Fanie Fourie’s Lobola (2013-Afrikaans-Zulu) C-96min. D,CoSc: Henk Pretorius. Rom-com about a white South African man and a black native woman who fall in love and plan to be married. But race isn’t their big problem. The main issue is the matter of the dowry, or “lobola,” yet to be determined. Now the bargaining begins. [NR]

Filth (2013-England-Germany) C-98min. D,Sc: Jon S. Baird. James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Joann Froggatt, Imogen Poots, Eddie Marsan, Jim Broadbent. A police detective—thoroughly corrupt and reprehensible—starts to unravel during his investigation of the murder of a Japanese student. Part comedy, part hallucinatory nightmare, fully nasty. Based on the 1998 novel by Irvine Welsh (available at the SFe Public Library). [R; sex, drugs, nudity, language, violence]

Frankie & Alice (2010) C-101min. D: Geoffrey Sax. Halle Berry, Stellan Skarsgard, Phylicia Rashad. Based on a true story about a stripper with several conflicting personalities, including a child and a racist Southern woman. Where did they come from? A shrink tries to find out. Made 4 years ago, and only now receiving a direct-to-DVD release. [R; sex, language, drugs]

Hateship Loveship (2013) C-102min. D: Liza Johnson. Kristen Wiig, Guy Pearce, Hailee Steinfeld, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Christine Lahti, Nick Nolte. Comedian Wiig plays it completely straight in her first dramatic role, as a frumpy housekeeper for a troubled family. Adapted from Alice Munro’s 2007 short story “Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage” (available at the SFe Public Library in the Away From Her collection). [R; drugs, sex, language]

A Haunted House 2 (2014) C-87min. D: Michael Tiddes. Marlon Wayans, Jamie Pressly, Cedric the Entertainer. The sequel. If you hadn’t guessed already. [R; crude and sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, drugs, some violent images]

Locke (2014) C-84min. D,Sc: Steven Knight. Tom Hardy. Tour de force cinema set during the course of a single night, as a family man’s life falls apart, while he drives, drives, drives. Hardy, behind the wheel for most of the movie, was Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Well-reviewed by the critics. [R]

Muppets Most Wanted (2014) C-107min. D: James Bobin. Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, Tina Fey. While on world tour, the Muppets become entangled with the master criminal Constantine—who’s a ringer for Kermie. Numerous guest cameos, including Tony Bennett, Sean Combs, Lady Gaga, Salma Hayek, Danny Trejo, and more. [PG]

Rage (2014-US-France) C-98min. D: Paco Cebezas. Nicolas Cage, Rachel Nichols, Max Ryan, Danny Glover. A respected businessman and doting dad is secretly a reformed criminal, whose past catches up with him when his daughter is kidnapped. He has no choice but to round up his old gang to help him rescue her. [NR]

Railway Man, The (2013-Australian) C-108min. D: Jonathan Teplitzky. Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman, Stellan Skarsgard. Decades after he was a tormented prisoner of war, forced to work on the Burma-Siam Railway, a British man discovers the whereabouts of his principal brutalizer and goes back to confront him. A story about the quandary between vengeance and forgiveness. From the 1995 autobiography by Eric Lomax. [R; POW violence]

Summer in February (2013-England) C-100min. D: Christopher Menaul. Dominic Cooper, Dan Stevens, Emily Browning. In a bohemian art colony in pre-WW2 England, an eternal triangle involving two best-friend painters and an aristocratic beauty unfolds on the Cornish coast. Based on real people. A production of Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Films, and adapted by Jonathan Smith from his own 1995 novel. [NR]

New Blu-ray:
Bears (2014)
Muppets Most Wanted (2014)

New TV:
The Blacklist (2014/NBC) James Spader as a former government agent, now one of the FBI’s Most Wanted. Season 1, 22 episodes, 5 discs.

Low Winter Sun (2014/AMC) Two Detroit detectives kill one of their own, a dirty cop. Americanization of Simon Donald’s 2008 British miniseries. The complete series, 10 episodes, 3 discs.