Welcome to “The Cerebral Vortex”

Jim Nolan - June 8, 2011

Santa Fe draws an inordinate volume of spiritual seekers and teachers, elders and gurus, savants and healers...

They say that Santa Fe is a “Spiritual Vortex”, energetically aligned so as to magnetize mystical and healing energies, and offer a thin, perhaps permeable veil between the mundane and higher worlds.  Whether you share that perspective or not, it is inarguable that Santa Fe draws an inordinate volume of spiritual seekers and teachers, elders and gurus, savants and healers, (self-proclaimed and otherwise) and untold numbers of wannabes in all of those categories.

My name is Jim Nolan, and I am the President of Southwestern College (originally Quimby College), itself founded as a “Mystery School” of sorts, steeped in the metaphysics and mysticism of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Rudolf Steiner, Phineas Quimby (Father of New Thought) and later on the likes of Eckhart Tolle and other luminaries and lineages. We are fully accredited, and we still have strong connections to what some consider esoteric or alternative healing traditions. (That is what makes us unique.)

Much of the esoteric or metaphysical or mystical traffic in Santa Fe moves through, or in the orbit of, Southwestern College, and I have front row seats. I am a guy from inner-city Cleveland, (our childhood home sold for $18K last year), a former graduate student in literature, a Psychologist, and an infinitely curious soul. My aim here is to explore with you some of the mystics and myths, healers and hoopla, gurus and shmurus, spiritual trends, fashions and accessories.

Let me say up front, it is not my intention to do cheap cynicism or guru sniping. We are kind of over that sort of thing, and anyway, it’s too easy. But it is my intention to ask good questions, and hold feet to the fire as we sort through the seeming infinity of offerings in the areas of “Healing” and Spiritual Growth, as they show up in the Vortex de Santa Fe, in Natural Awakenings, and on the bulletin board outside the john at Java Joe’s.

Santa Fe (and the evolving world) is increasingly populated by Cultural Creatives, Imaginal Cells, Meaning-Seekers, reaching out to each other to form connections, to re-establish their Unity, and emerge from the mess of the world into a transformed, transcendent entity. That is the dream.

I hope to be writing to just such folks out there in Santa Fe and beyond, others who are still “open at the top”, as Ernest Holmes was wont to say. Who are not too jaded to be conscious participants in this exploration and conversation.

Let’s jump into this vortex together, laughing Fat Buddha figures, walking the mystical path with curious feet, beginner’s mind, and a venti latte. I’d be up for it…