Recap: Santa Fe International Folk Art Market Back for 10th Year

- July 17, 2013

The faces of the International Folk Art Market

The 2013 Santa Fe International Folk Art Market is back this weekend with over 150 artists from all over the world displaying their rugs, baskets, jewelry, tapestries, and knives in a stunning array of shapes and colors. Can you read the sign above which captures the spirit of the event: “It’s not a Market. It’s  Miracle. 90% of sales go home with artists and their organizations. These sales often represent 10X what they might earn in one year in their country, improving lives and sustaining traditions.” When you buy a piece of art, you literally can transform the lives of a community. So many beautiful faces.

This woman from Pakistan is sewing another beautiful Ralli quilt.


The smile on this man from China is as wide as his bodacious silver necklaces.


Now the man from Morocco with his knives did not look happy, but perhaps he was just a bit tired of obliging the requests of middle aged women to take his photograph.


He is from Kazakhstan. His eyes smile.


Sweet faced woman with beautiful hand dyed scarves.


This woman is from Rwanda, raised in the Uganda refugee camp. You can smell the fresh green reeds in her baskets.


This Japanese kite maker wears purple reading glasses.


This beautiful girl is from India.


I don’t remember where she is from, but she is pure morning sunlight.