Reflections uncovered: the garage sale

Mary MacIntyre - November 18, 2013











Reflections uncovered: the garage sale


Everything on the first floor is for sale
wandering through the home
which treasures i would find
loving family
echoed within my heart.

a large basket
with carefully
rolled textiles
called to me
moments later
an intimate


the mother described
her letting go
i filled this home with colors
i never knew how much
they mean to me
nuture me
the themes of these colors
which won't work
where we are going.

someone calls her name
she leaves
as soon she will leave
her stories
who will she become?


I find two Indian drums
as a surprise for a friend
and a quiet
rich hue rug
her family



2 days later


I thought
i was too late
i decided yo visit again anyway.
someone was still shopping.
i asked if they were
giving away unsold items
she said yes
and soon created a space
for me to collect what I wanted.
textiles still there
i collected a few
an olive green with
flowers comforter
long scarves
items for friends
musical instruments

voices shared
how hard
the sale had been
again someone
called her away.


i have shared
the treasures
i wrap myself within your colors
i feel their warmth
i create new spaces
for the fabrics
of our lives ---
as your stories
find places
to reside