Revisiting Cerillos

- August 8, 2011

"Now the truth about the ride comes out..."

Now the truth about the ride comes out. I did not stay with the group for the entire ride. I knew I wanted to get some video of them, and I have posted that link here for anyone who is interested.

I mentioned in my blog of 7/23, called “Vrroom,” that I had been in an interesting conversation with an elderly lady in Cerrillos. Here’s that link if you like: Vrroom
At the time I said that I felt badly about having to end my conversation with Mary so abruptly. Since today’s ride went right past the cut off to Cerrillos, I thought I’d break with the group and go say “hi” to her. I was hoping to be able to apologize, and get the conversation going again.
It was fairly early in the morning when I stopped by, and Mary was still in bed. I told her son that I’d come back another time. So I took the bike and started walking around the village of Cerrillos. I wanted a slow pace, off the bike, so I could have a chance to meet someone else who lived there. I noticed a lady standing on a porch not too far from Mary’s place, so I went over and introduced myself. It was my pleasure to meet Janet who had lived in Cerrillos for 57 years. Her husband had been a teacher in Santa Fe, and when he retired he opened “What Not Shop Antiques” in Cerrillos. I asked Janet if I could go in and browse and take some photographs. She graciously gave her consent and we had a lovely conversation about antiques, cloisonné in particular. The place looked old and tired, but full of character and history, a bit like Janet herself.
My childhood history includes dozens and dozens of trips to antique shows everywhere in the state of New York. My mother was very knowledgeable on the subject, and simply adored it. That enthusiasm rubbed off on me, even though I was only 6 or 7 years old when she started taking me with her. So, me and antique shops---something magnetic happens, that’s all I can say.
I found a lovely cloisonné goose sitting in a glass case, on top of a lacquered stand---typical Chinese style. I knew it had to come home with me. You’ll see a shot of it below sticking out of the pack I wear around my waist. I am discovering historical New Mexico just the way my mother and I used to discover historical New York State, and the pleasure and satisfaction is the same. Wherever she is; I hope she got a charge out of it.
After visiting Cerrillos, I got back on the bike and connected with the “B” group in Madrid. They were just finishing coffee, so I rode back with them. Four of us decided to go for lunch at a local favorite called Harry’s Roadhouse. The food is great, the garden is divine, and I never tire of the place, even after probably hundreds of visits.
Cheers, and Happy Trails to you from Santa Fe, NM. Land of Enchantment

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