Riders in Motion

- August 8, 2011

"One of the things I love most about cycling with a group of serious riders is the dynamism created by their presence on the road..."

Since today’s ride is one that I have posted many times in the past, I thought I’d try something new--- attempt to give a new slant on the experience.
Lately, I’ve been having a lot of fun shooting video of the riding group in action. But, in order to do this while cycling I have to frame the scene, hold the scene in the viewfinder, keep the camera steady, watch where I’m going and have one hand on the brake. It’s a job for a contortionist, and it’s dangerous---not a very bright thing to attempt while on a bicycle.  Therefore, I feel that I am perfectly suited for this activity. You know, on a bike, not very bright. It’s a good fit.
I am still utterly amazed at what has happened to video since the days when I was lugging around a huge Sony BetaMax with tape. What’s tape? Today I carry a tiny Canon point and shoot; and that point and shoot takes higher resolution video than the old Betamax. Not only that, but I am recording to a flash drive---a tiny bit of micro-processing genius that is smaller than the top of a pack of matches.
One of the things I love most about cycling with a group of serious riders is the dynamism created by their presence on the road. At times, we’re all no more than a couple of feet off of each other’s wheel. And you hear the sound of those multiple wheels, and freewheels, or cassettes. The visual rhythm and sound of it all is just spellbinding for me. I don’t know why I waited so long to video it.
As I’ve also mentioned in earlier blogs, I love the focus and rapt attention that is required for riding in a tight, fast-moving group. Yes, you can still  talk to your neighbor, but first and foremost, you MUST pay attention to business. One person going down in the front not only creates a nightmare for that individual, but for everyone else behind. Whenever I felt unsure of my shooting position, I pulled out from the group so that if I went down, I’d be the only one. Hopefully.
So, to get to the original point; I have only videos to show of riders in motion. These are all riders from the “A” group, and they’re all really, really good, taking it very easy at the start of the ride. Each one is a master bike-handler and road-wise pilot. I always feel honored to be hanging out with them. No joke.
I hope you can get even a small taste of what intrigues me. 
Thanks, and Happy Trails to you from
Santa Fe, NM
The Land of Enchantment
To see the videos, please drop in on my website, Trips and Quips.