Santa Fe Botanical Garden tour 2011

- June 13, 2011 small plant can change a whole flower bed.

June 12, 2011. I secretly danced for joy with low winds today. The smoke did not seem too noticeable either.  After a wonderful meal at Santa Cafe with friends (more on this later), I decided to venture out to take a short hike.  On my way, I noticed signs for the Santa Fe Botanical Garden tour. Augh! I forgot, and it was late. So I kept on driving toward the trail. More signs. Poets love excuses to be inspired. If you have ever been to the Santa Fe Botanical Garden tours, you know how the wondrous gardens can get the poetic juices flowing. Augh, I did not bring my camera! Right turn and soon after a winding up hill drive, I found the first garden.

High upon the mountain side


one stretches three hundred miles

over cities, villages, plains and mountains -

rocks create cover crops

for earth's abrupt descent

adorned with purple and green

rocky terrace

bushes and flowers

hidden on a trail

under pinon tree

red flowered cactus cups

full bloom.

imagination can fly

color, rock, and tree

grounds one and energizes.

all chakras open.


6/12/2011 by Mary MacIntyre


If you are a gardener, you might find amazement how one small plant can change a whole flower bed.  M. Lacy Keil, a volunteer for the SFBG tour, and owner of Environ Design had a fantastic discussion regarding the beautiful long border's design.  If you need a landscape architect you can call her at 920-3178. She is available for professional consultations.


In visiting these gardens one can quickly adapt design concepts and create small gardens on any budget.  Enjoy creativity at home and in your yard. One of my favorite places to get my plants is Newman's Nursery on Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe, NM.  The staff have many answers to your gardening questions.


The Santa Fe Botanical Garden, P.O. Box 23343 Santa Fe NM, 87502, offers many educational and conservation programs. You can learn more at 505.471.9103 tell them that Mary MacIntyre told you to call them.


Inspiration spreads like wildfire, and cannot be contained in one blog. Feel free to share this poem, please give blog and Mary MacIntyre credit.