State Chambers of Commerce Gather for Legislative Reception

- January 24, 2012

"...chamber members across the state stand ready to help support business in any way they can to ensure success"

Business, civic leaders and assorted politicos came together for the annual Legislative Reception held by statewide Chambers of Commerce and hosted by the Santa Fe Chamber. This stellar event held at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center was well-attended and supported by businesses across the state.

New Legislative Session Members Introduced to Business

Members of the new legislative session got a chance to talk directly to business and find out what issues are important to them. The new session got underway on Monday at The Roundhouse, New Mexico’s beautiful state capitol building. Tourism is important to the state in general and Santa Fe’s best chefs turned out to give attendees a delicious sampling of their menus. Tappas, pizza, delicious Asian dishes and chocolate were in abundance as well as a wine, beer and soft drinks.

A welcome address by Santa Fe Chamber President Simon Brackley let all participants know chamber members across the state stand ready to help support business in any way they can to ensure success in a climate of economic change.

This event is also a chance for old friends to reconnect and for new members and legislators to introduce themselves to the business community. The Santa Fe branch of the Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1882 and now has over 1,200 members. The Santa Fe Chamber is committed to creating a strong local economy, promoting the community of Santa Fe and its local businesses. With the aid of the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, the Chamber also encourages organizations to come to Santa Fe to hold their meetings and gatherings. Chamber networking events benefit everyone and are always well-attended and supported

Business representatives, including, were on hand with souvenirs for the event. Everyone left with bottle openers, recyclable shopping totes and, of course, the eve- popular lapel pin. Lapel pins are a collector’s item at this event. The members of the Rio Rancho Chamber, affectionately known as the Rio Rancho Red Coats, were real stand-outs in their red jackets covered with lapel pins collected from more than 20 years of attending the event.

About the Chamber of Commerce

A chamber of commerce advocates on behalf of local businesses. This organization was founded in 1599 in Marseilles, France, and the oldest chamber of commerce in the United States was founded in 1768 in New York City. Membership is voluntary with business, but membership does have its rewards. Strong local business ties help any community to prosper and grow a strong economic and tourism base. Working with government, the Chamber of Commerce develops pro business initiatives for its members and gives small businesses a greater voice on government issues.

Support your local businesses that are members of the Chamber and support the local economy by buying and selling local. This is what keeps Santa Fe thriving. Local chambers all maintain websites to let visitors and residents know what their members are doing and what events are important to local businesses.

Making the rounds greeting all exhibitors, legislators and guests, Brackley made it clear that the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce is the number one resource for business and government to connect and understand issues important to both sides.